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#12505 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Fine Blue Stripe Poplin, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
Fine, light blue stripes grace this wonderful poplin shirt and create a wonderfully understated backdrop on which to place a bold silk tie. To complete a sophisticated boardroom look with a flourish, try accessorising with a pair of silver cufflinks and a silk pocket square.
#12507 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Fine Blue Check Poplin, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
This finely checked formal shirt provides the perfect blend of effortless style and comfort. Made from a beautifully light Egyptian cotton poplin, and cut to a classic fit, this shirt will feel incredible all year round. This shirt has been designed with an elegant pink undercuff and our popular Chelsea collar - a true Emmett classic.
#12423 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Blue and White, Double Cuff Houndstooth
The classic houndstooth weave is a firm favourite, here at Emmett. The wonderful contrasting blue and white weave in this formal shirt, perfectly incorporates a gent's two most popular formal colours. Pair with a plain, bold tie for an enviable look at the office or in the street.
#9228 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Classic Blue Baby Twill, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Twill
This classic blue formal shirt has been made from the finest baby twill fabric, which is not only incredibly soft, but also wonderfully distinctive. Add a dash of texture by pairing with a knitted silk tie or slip a pair of our glass globe cufflinks into the cuffs to round off your boardroom look.
#7511 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Classic Pink, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Twill
The classic sophistication of this regular cut, pink formal shirt is further enhanced by its Chelsea collar. Made from a peerless baby twill fabric, which features a wonderfully delicate weave, it is the perfect foundation on which to create impeccable sartorial style. Pair with some bold silk knots perfect with a fine silk tie.
#12512 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Smooth Mid Blue Poplin, Double Cuff
The Spring/Summer season provides the perfect opportunity to banish the monochrome winter garments from your wardrobe, in favour of richer, brighter colours. This delightful mid blue poplin shirt will fit right into such a collection and is finished off with an attractive light blue under cuff, to add a characteristic contrast.
#12510 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Blue and White Pinstripe Poplin, Double Cuff
Made from a delightfully light cotton poplin fabric, this classic cut shirt feels absolutely wonderful on warmer days. The fine blue pinstripes add a hint of style whilst remaining pleasantly subtle. Complete the look with a pair of our silver cufflinks and an elegant pocket square.
#12363 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Fine Pink Check Poplin, Double Cuff
Though incredibly subtle, this classic cut pink formal shirt features a fine check, which provides a charmingly understated hint of texture and detail. Complete a refined boardroom look by pairing with a deep navy silk tie, and complementing with Emmett's stunning silver cufflinks.
#7510 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Classic White, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Twill
An Emmett favourite - our baby twill fabric is delightfully comfortable to wear and its intricate woven texture is instantly distinctive. Our popular Chelsea collar completes this classic white formal shirt and provides a host of opportunities for creative tie choices. Finish with some elegant silver cufflinks for an enviable look.
#10979 - Double Cuff Regular
Material: Cotton
A bold and confident blue and white striped shirt, made with our classic Chelsea Collar. Perfect all year round.
#12508 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Fine Pink Check Poplin, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
Featuring an incredibly fine pink check, the subtle pattern on this shirt dissolves somewhat when viewed at a distance, leaving behind a captivating landscape on which to build an enviable formal look. Combine with some silver cufflinks, and a silk grenadine tie for the ultimate in boardroom style.
#11788 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Finest Royal Oxford
Material: Royal Oxford
Made from an exquisite Royal Oxford fabric, this shirt is an unrivalled formal choice, due to its peerless material quality. Suitable for all occasions, match texture with textures by pairing with one of our grenadine ties. Made with a Chelsea Collar.
#12421 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Mid Blue Royal Oxford, Double Cuff Regular Fit
The epitome of formal sophistication. Our Royal Oxfords feature an elaborate, textured weave and are sure to stand out in the boardroom, no matter how many blue shirts make an appearance. Unlike standard oxford fabrics, the royal oxford is softer, more subtly textured and perfectly weighted for all seasons. Pair with a bold tie to firmly establish your formal style.
#12509 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: Pale Blue Poplin, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
When the boardroom calls, nothing short of sartorial perfection should suffice, and this classic cut, double cuff formal shirt is the epitome of formal sophistication. Featuring our much loved Chelsea collar, this shirt looks magnificent with a wide variety of tie knots and looks equally as impressive when worn open collared. Pair with some silver cufflinks to perfectly complete an unrivalled formal look.
#12342 - Double Cuff Regular
Name: White Compact Cotton Poplin, Regular Fit, Double Cuff
Featuring a highly compact, cotton poplin fabric, this shirt is ultra smooth and soft. Woven tighter than traditional poplins, its peerless quality is instantly detectable. The addition of our Chelsea collar and impeccably tailored double cuffs, makes this shirt completely unrivalled in the world of formal shirting. Complete your enviable style by opting for silver and mother of pearl cufflinks and a bold, 100% silk tie.
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