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Cotton poplin
Royal Twill

Regular Fit Shirts / Single Cuff Regular  
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#6343 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Classic Blue, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
Material: Twill
Our range of classic shirts are made from an incredibly soft baby twill fabric, which features a distinctive woven pattern of fine diagonal lines. This detail provides an exquisitely understated texture which further enhances the delightful feel of this light blue formal shirt. Wear with an equally well tailored suit and silk tie for the ultimate boardroom look.
#6342 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Classic Pink, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
Material: Twill
An intricate weave creates the most subtle of textures on this pink baby twill shirt, and provides an impeccable backdrop for an equally delightful tie. Play it safe with a solid navy silk number, or throw caution to the wind and don a bold, adventurous tie.
#6341 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Classic White, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
Material: Twill
Nothing says formal style better than a neatly pressed and perfectly tailored white shirt. This super-soft baby twill example stands tall above the rest. Tailored to a comfortable regular fit, and featuring our exquisite mother of pearl buttons, it will provide style and confidence to any gent. Place a silk woven tie under its collar for the perfect contrast of texture.
#12463 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Bright Blue Royal Oxford, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
Royal Oxford fabric is unrivalled in the world of formal shirting. Made from a wonderfully smooth Egyptian cotton weave, it is unbelievably soft to the touch. We have incorporated our much loved Chelsea collar into the design of this shirt and have introduced a characteristic, contrasting undercuff. This is a true English classic.
#12628 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Fuchsia & White Stripe Poplin, Regular Fit
Featuring a wonderfully distinctive fuchsia and white pinstripe, this 100% Egyptian cotton poplin shirt is both a boardroom classic and an inspired smart-casual choice. Its Chelsea collar makes it ideal for pairing with a richly coloured tie, yet its block coloured undercuffs make it a charming casual option.
#11062 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: WHITE CORE: FINE CHELSEA Regular Single Cuff
Material: Cotton poplin
Chelsea Collar. Made from the exquisite Egyptian Giza 87 cotton, woven into a superfine poplin fabric that is characterised by its great smoothness combined with strength. A relatively light fabric that's perfect for layering.
#12513 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Pale Blue Poplin, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
Spring/Summer months require a fine poplin shirt. Its smooth and lightweight properties make poplin an ideal fabric for warmer months. However, our love of poplin is not confined to the warmth. Woven from the very finest Egyptian cotton, our poplin styles are much loved all year round. Featuring our Chelsea collar, this classic cut formal shirt is perfect for both formal and smart-casual styles. Pair with a richly coloured tie for the office, or with a bold pocket square for dining out.
#11687 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Pale Pink, Light End-on-End, Single Cuff
Made from the finest end-on-end fabric, this wonderful soft pink formal shirt features a subtle, yet intricate texture. Completed with a sharp James Bond collar and charming purple undercuff, this is the ultimate in Spring/Summer shirting. Though created for the boardroom, it will look equally at home with the collar left open and the arms rolled up for your evening in the city.
#12459 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Blue & White Striped Poplin, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
This classic, blue striped shirt is absolutely timeless and its effortless style will ensure it remains a staple within your formal wardrobe for years to come. Its Chelsea collar looks exceptional when paired with a bold silk tie, and equally so when left open for more casual looks. A contrasting, pink striped undercuff completes this style with just a hint of colour for good measure.
#12514 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: White & Blue Stripe Poplin, Single Cuff
Made from a remarkably smooth cotton poplin, this shirt is simply irresistible. Featuring a classical blue and white pinstripe, it is a wonderfully versatile option, looking equally at home in the boardroom, as it does in the bar. A contrasting undercuff is also featured on this shirt, enhancing its natural character. Wear with sleeves rolled up during relaxing weekends, or pair with a richly coloured tie at the office, for truly effortless style.
#12502 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Fine Pink Stripe Poplin, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
Fine pink stripes adorn this delightful classic cut shirt and create an enviable backdrop for a deep coloured silk tie. Made from a beautifully smooth poplin fabric, which not only looks sensational, but also feels incredible to the touch. Completed with versatile single cuffs, which feature a contrasting light blue striped undercuff, this shirt it perfect for both the boardroom and the bar.
#12482 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: White & Blue Check Pinpoint, Regular Fit
A colourful, checked shirt can liven up the most formal of wardrobes. This lively, blue check pinpoint shirt is the perfect choice for the end of the week, when perhaps a cold beer awaits you after a tough week at the office. Though designed to fit right in with your boardroom attire, it will look equally as striking with its Chelsea collar left open and when paired with a striking pocket square.
#12413 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Sky Blue & White Gingham, Regular Fit, Single Cuff
A traditional gingham shirt is an essential inclusion within any gentleman's spring/summer wardrobe. When you're tired of the classics and desire a hint of character, there is simply no better choice. Pair this magnificent sky blue gingham with an equally exciting checked pocket square and a handmade leather wallet for an unrivalled summer look.
#11456 - Single Cuff Regular
Material: Cotton
A luxuriously silky soft white shirt. The Palermo Collar is perfect to wear without a tie in the warmer months of the year. For those that shy away from linen, this is a great compromise. Pair with a cotton jacket.
#12416 - Single Cuff Regular
Name: Pink & White Micro Check, Single Cuff
A fine and intricate pink check adorns this wonderful, classic cut formal shirt. Though the checked pattern remains understated, it contributes a real depth and character to the shirt, and serves as a charming backdrop for a bold silk tie. Complete the look with an equally colourful pocket square.
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