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#6333 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Classic White, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Twill
This classic Emmett shirt is made from a fabulous baby twill fabric, sourced from pure Egyptian cotton. Known for its luxurious softness, this fabric also features small woven diagonal lines, which create its distinctive look. This shirt's versatility and classic style makes it perfect for all year round.
#9410 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Classic Pink, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Royal Twill
An impeccably tailored pink shirt is the ultimate way of bringing a dash of colour to your formal wardrobe. This Emmett classic is made from our popular baby twill fabric, known for its softness and intricate weave, and features a slim cut as well as double cuffs. Complement this Chelsea collar with a deep navy tie or complete your formal style with a pair of Emmett's silver polo cufflinks.
#12807 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: White Oxford
An essential piece for any formal collection, this white oxford shirt is elegance encapsulated. Whilst its Milano collar adds a subtle hint of originality to the shirt, its royal oxford fabric provides time-honoured excellence, resulting in a delicate adaptation of a true classic. 
Frame with dark colours and complete with a windsor knot for a refined formal look.

White Oxford

#12648 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: James Bond White Pinpoint
Material: Pin-point 
Our renowned James Bond collar features on this classic white shirt, and forms a distinctive and characteristic focal point for a formal look. Created from a wonderfully fine and light pinpoint cotton fabric, it is the ultimate material for year-round shirting. Slip a pair of our silver cufflinks into its perfectly crafted, double cuffs to complete an enviable formal style.
#12838 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Light Blue Multi Stripe, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Made from our smooth, crisp 120s cotton poplin weave, this is a fine addition to your formal wardrobe. A great fabric, year round, the cotton poplin has been designed with a shadow stripe and slim cut to effortlessly accentuate the your physique. Pair with a grenadine tie for a creative approach to formal attire.
#6335 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Classic Light Blue, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Twill
Our ultra-soft baby twill fabric is adored by men all over the world for its peerless feel and subtle, woven texture. Tailored to a slim fit, and featuring formal double cuffs, this light blue shirt is a true Emmett classic. Perfectly complement the look with a pair of our beautifully crafted glass globe cufflinks and a silk tie.
#12649 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Black Royal Oxford, Slim Fit Formal
Material: Oxford
We've created this wonderful, classic black shirt from a beautifully soft royal oxford fabric. Tailored to a slim fit, this is a fabulous combination of classic style and contemporary design. We love pairing tone on tone, and a black silk tie is the ultimate accessory to pair with this distinctive shirt.
#12341 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: White Compact Poplin, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Featuring a highly compact, cotton poplin fabric, this shirt is ultra smooth and soft. Woven tighter than traditional poplins, its peerless quality is instantly detectable. The addition of our Chelsea collar and impeccably tailored double cuffs, makes this shirt completely unrivalled in the world of formal shirting. Complete your enviable style by opting for silver and mother of pearl cufflinks and a bold, 100% silk tie.
#12646 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Luxury Slim White Panama
Material: Panama 
We've chosen a cutaway collar to form the foundation of this timeless, white panama shirt. Though we recommend pairing this fabric with a silk tie, it looks equally as eye-catching when worn open collared. Add a hint of flare and character to your look with a pair of our colourful, handmade glass globe cufflinks.
#12889 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Mid Blue Poplin, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Cotton poplin
Crisp, formal and vibrant in mid-blue, this shirt will provide an eye-catching addition to your smart attire. The Milano collar and poplin fabric combine perfectly to create an exceptional shape and feel. Pair with bright colours for a bold look, or tone down with darker accessories.
#12892 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Light Blue Royal Oxford, Slim Cut
Material: Royal Oxford
Royal Oxford fabric is simply a formal essential. Perfect for all year round, this slim cut shirt won't let you down. With double cuff and traditional Milano collar, you'll be showing timeless style. Pair with a  knitted tie to soften the formal edge or commit to formality with sleek silk tie and mother of pearl cufflinks.
#7515 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Classic White Dinner Shirt, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Cotton poplin
A contemporary take on a true classic - we've tailored this white dinner shirt to a slightly slimmer fit than our regular cuts in order to offer greater structure and definition to your black tie style . Made from an ultra-comfortable two fold 120s cotton poplin and finished with a 'pique' cotton bib front, the result is a superb formal shirt that is sure to wow.
#12843 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Light Pink Giorgia Oxford, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Oxford
This pale pink, double cuff shirt is ideal for those looking for formal perfection in every thread. The slim fit and micro check pattern tones down the pink, making this a perfect base for a sharp suit and colourful tie. The oxford fabric is a great all year round material - a shirt will never let you down.
#12845 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Pale Purple Giorgia Oxford, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Oxford
A toned down move away from the colours of standard formal attire, this pale purple is a fresh and refined look. Designed in a a micro, purple and white oxford weave, this fabric and colour is suitable as year-round attire and can be paired with almost anything. In slim fit, the shirt tapers to your natural physique, whilst remaining extremely comfortable.
#12844 - Double Cuff Slim
Name: Royal Blue Oxford Giorgia, Slim Fit, Double Cuff
Material: Oxford
An interesting addition to our formal collection - we've combined a double cuff, structured Milano collar and a royal blue and white oxford weave to produce this subtle yet brightly coloured shirt. Cut to a slim fit, this will taper to your natural physique, creating an entirely attractive form.
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