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#12738 - Pocket Squares
Name: Navy & White Spotted Linen/Cotton Pochette
Simple yet elegant - we've taken a lightweight linen/cotton fabric and added a timeless, navy and white spotted design. Classic enough for both formal and casual settings - this exquisite pochette is sure to be your go-to accessory for the season.
#12190 - Pocket Squares
Name: White and Multi Coloured Check Pocket Square
Material: Cotton poplin
If you're looking for a brilliantly colourful piece to complete your smart/casual attire, then this is the perfect selection for you. Made to the highest of standards out of a fine cotton poplin fabric.
#12739 - Pocket Squares
Name: White & Navy Spotted Linen/Cotton Pochette
We've decorated this wonderfully understated white, linen/cotton blend pochette with classic navy circle detail. The exquisite combination of simple detail and a subtle fabric texture, makes this pochette an unrivalled, timeless accessory.
#12733 - Pocket Squares
Name: Turquoise & White Circles Linen/Cotton Pochette
An ultra lightweight linen/cotton blend fabric forms the base of this pochette. A detailed, yet subtle circle pattern introduces an elegant charm. Place in the breast pocket of a sand tone jacket and complete your look with some of Emmett's handmade, leather accessories.
#12729 - Pocket Squares
Name: Purple & Micro Spot Linen/Cotton Pochette
We've introduced an array of intricate blue micro spots to this wonderfully lightweight, purple tone pochette. The resulting piece remains understated, yet offers a slight hint of detail when viewed up-close. Pair with a pair of purple, glass cufflinks and a purple tone tie for a peerless formal look.
#12725 - Pocket Squares
Name: Purple & Blue Spots Linen/Cotton Pochette
This linen/cotton blend pochette portrays a simple elegance, and combines both a subtle texture and a generous quantity of colour. The classic nature of the pale purple tone ensures it will sit perfectly within almost any outfit combination - be it formal or casual.
#12723 - Pocket Squares
Name: Blue & White Spots Linen/Cotton Pochette
A wonderfully lightweight, blue tone linen/cotton blend has been used in creating this delightful pochette. The introduction of white spots add a hint of distinctive style. Place in the pocket of your favourite navy blazer and accessorise with a handmade leather wallet.
#12703 - Pocket Squares
Name: White Spotted Blue Silk Pochette
A collection of white spots form a wonderfully intricate micro diamond pattern on this 100% silk pocket square. The design contributes just the right amount of texture for both formal and casual looks.
#12559 - Pocket Squares
Name: Navy Silk Pocket Square
A wonderful dark winter navy silk. This pocket square can be paired with a variety of colours, bold or soft, for a timeless and classic style
#12207 - Pocket Squares
Name: White with Blue & Red Spots Airtex Pocket Square
Material: Cotton Airtex
Built on a fabulously light weight airtex fabric and featuring lively blue and red spots, this playful pocket square brings a fantastic casual feel to any look. For the ultimate combination, pair with our matching spotted casual shirt and stand out for all the right reasons.
#12203 - Pocket Squares
Name: White with Light Blue Stripes Pocket Square
Material: Cotton Linen blend
The finest of light blue stripes have been added to this incredibly elegant white pocket square. Created from a wonderful linen/cotton blend, its soft and light nature ensures it sits perfectly within any blazer pocket. Pair with a light blue silk tie for a refined formal look.
#12197 - Pocket Squares
Name: Blue/Grey Cotton Pocket Square
Material: Cotton
Our fabulous blue/grey pocket square is made from the finest Egyptian cotton, and is designed to sit perfectly within grey or navy blazers alike. Complement this sophisticated piece with one of our handmade leather wallets for a truly defined look.
#12000 - Pocket Squares
Name: FLORAL Blue/Green/White Pocket Square
Material: Linen
100% Linen. Measures 32cmX32cm.
#11999 - Pocket Squares
Name: TARTAN & SPOTS Orange/Blue/Turquoise/White
Material: Linen
100% Linen. Measures 32cmX32cm.
#11959 - Pocket Squares
Name: NAVY/RED PRINTED Pocket Square
Material: Silk and Cotton
Made in Italy from 70% cotton, 30% silk.
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