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Tips And Advice

Our Collars
The Shirt
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Our Collars

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The Shirt

Make sure it fits! Here are some helpful hints to a perfect fitting shirt:

  • A suitable collar should allow room for two fingers between the neck and shirt.
  • Naturally, select a Slim Fit if you have a slim figure to complement your silhouette.
  • Furthermore, a cutaway collar would suit those with a narrower face.
  • A Regular fit shirt would suit a more rounded individual, as would a more pointed collar.
  • Always tuck in a shirt, and the cuff of the shirt should rest comfortably on the wrist.

Sometimes it can be difficult to buy shirts that fit you well. In which case, I would recommend trying our Made-to-Measure service. You wouldn't wear an ill fitting suit, and the same should apply to your shirts.

The Tie

A tie should be worn as an anchor, or to make a statement. We have a few handy tips to make tie selection easier and more fun:

  • Wear a plain tie with a patterned shirt, it stops everything looking too busy.
  • Plain shirts can, therefore, support more colourful or more complex ties.
  • Ties should also be the same, or at least similar, in width to the lapel on your suit.
  • Cutaway collars, such as the Windsor collar, are perfect for bigger knots.
  • A four-in-hand or 'schoolboy' knot works wonderfully with a narrower collar.


Although, these are only guidelines, and in breaking the rules it shows that you understand the rules well.

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