Material: Oxford

Comfortable, hard-wearing, and incredibly versatile, oxfords are an absolute wardrobe staple. The heavier oxfords have just the right amount of heft to them that feels substantial, but not overly thick. Oxford is created by interlacing two threads in the warp and one thick weft, resulting in a textured chalky visual. They’re also highly resilient, meaning they’ll last for years and only get better the more they’re washed and worn.  There are a large number of variations in the weights of oxfords, year round we create what is called a Pinpoint or pinpoint oxford, during autumn we create a heavier variety to stand up to the weather, and in summer we create Cotton Linen Blends. We also, as with many of our weaves, create a range that we add the term “Royal” to. We do this to truly emphasise the luxury of a certain weave. You can read more about each of the individual weaves here: Royal Twill, Royal Oxford, and Royal Panama.