Material: Twill

Twill has subtle texture and a soft feel. This high performance fabric is ideal for your everyday work wardrobe. A durable fabric that drapes beautifully and is easier to iron, one of our most versatile and loved garments. The Diagonal structure of this weave allows for more threads per inch creating a more durable fabric. This is achieved by passing one or more weft threads over and then under two or more warp threads, creating a little step in between each line of the cloth. Particularly for summer we create a range of Cotton Linen Blends in a twill weave to give something in between a more formal business shirts and more of a smart casual look. We also, as with many of our weaves, create a range that we add the term “Royal” to. We do this to truly emphasise the luxury of a certain weave. You can read more about each of the individual weaves here: Royal Twill, Royal Oxford, and Royal Panama.