What's An Oxford Shirt And Why Does Every Man Need One

A perpetually fashionable shirt which can be worn all year round to an array of events may sound like a sartorial fantasy. In fact, the answer is a lot more simple than may be thought initially.

This season we cast our gaze upon the unsung hero, the humble Oxford shirt.

Emmett London Oxford Shirt

What Is An Oxford Shirt?

Iconic in many ways, the Oxford shirt can be identified unique structure which is due to the thick weave of Oxford cloth from which it is made. Traditional Oxford shirts have chest pockets as well as button-down collars, however, modern-day styles and colours range heavily to improve upon the comfort as well as the aesthetic qualities.

One would be forgiven for thinking the Oxford shirt inherited its namesake from the popular English city. The name can be deceiving, as the first Oxford shirt originated in Scotland, in actual fact. In the 19th Century, the popular shirt was created and arose in popularity across university cities across England, particularly Oxford. Back in these days, men’s Oxford shirts came complete with detachable cuffs and collars. A trend that, thankfully, has not stood the test of time.

Men's Oxford Shirts

Nowadays, Oxford shirts are easily differentiated from classic formal shirts by not only their unique collars, and chest pockets, but also the material used is a lot thicker than that of a normal modern men’s shirt. Men’s formal dress shirts tend to be made from fabrics such as cotton and linen, resulting in a thinner and more delicate feel than an Oxford’s heavily structured appearance. Oxford shirts lack the feel of a men’s dress shirt, yet still feel formal.

The Oxford shirt is often thought upon as the most versatile item a man can own. It is a rare garment which will command the room with a sense of belonging in the majority of scenarios. Whether it be at a social event with contemporaries or to a prestigious formal event. If there is ever a situation which brings with uncertainty regarding the dress code, the Oxford shirt is fail-proof.

How To Wear An Oxford Shirt

Appropriate from dusk till dawn, from office to out and from weekday to weekend, there are a plethora of ways to wear an Oxford shirt. They can be dressed up with a blazer, or indeed a complete suit. To compensate for the relaxed feel a white Oxford shirt can have, we recommend ensuring the suit it is paired with is bold and formal.

Oxford shirts can also be dressed casually with great ease. They can be worn with jeans or with chinos and brogues. They can be worn openly layered over a t-shirt, or with the addition of a knitted tie for extra personalisation.

AW19 Oxford Shirts

Autumn may be the seasonal gap that fills the area between summer and winter, however that leaves no reason to dress like that. AW19 we are all about making oxford shirts pop. We’ve carefully designed each oxford shirt to be uniquely coloured in a way in which evokes a sense of personality. The thickness of the shirts makes them perfect for preserving a sense of style throughout the colder months.

Emmett London’s range of Oxford shirts this season are all made in natural hues and fresh pastels, with the inside cuff colour especially chosen to complement the shirt.

 Purple Oxford Shirt Green Oxford Shirt

             Purple Oxford Shirt                           Green Oxford Shirt
Yellow Oxford ShirtOrange Oxford Shirt
           Yellow Oxford Shirt                           Orange Oxford Shirt 

As well as our colourful range, we have also revisited a classic white Oxford shirt with a modern twist, for a refined shirt perfect for a multitude of styles.

White Oxford Shirt
                                                                                                                          White Oxford Shirt
Incredibly easy to wear (and care for), the Oxford shirt is extremely durable. A high-quality Oxford shirt, that is cared for properly, can last the owner a lifetime. Browse the complete collection of men’s shirts new to Emmett London this autumn here.