Men's Shirt Measuring Guide

Like all stylish men, you are probably looking for a correctly tailored and well-fitting shirt to complete your impeccably polished look. The ideal dress shirt will provide you with a slim profile staying in place no matter what the day throws at you, exuding luxury and confidence.

Our made to measure service allows our in-house tailor to build a custom shirt perfect for your needs with an immaculate cut so you look and feel your best. Here our tailors reveal the steps taken within our one-of-a-kind, made to measure experience to discover your correct shirt measurements, as well as insight into how to measure yourself.

Emmett London Made To Measure

How To Measure Collar Size

With the head and chin in a natural position, the measuring tape is placed just below the Adam’s apple, flush to the neck.

Taking care not to pinch the skin, the other end is firmly wrapped around the circumference of the neck.

To provide a comfortable fit, an extra half an inch is then added to the measure to calculate the collar size.

How To Measure Chest Width

To begin measuring the chest, it will need to be in its most natural position, not puffed out.

Beginning at the fullest part of the chest, the measuring tape is then tucked underneath the armpit, snug to the body.

The measurement is completed by taking the tape across the shoulder blades back round to the front of the body.

The tape measure is held parallel to the floor at all times to establish the best fit.

How To Measure Waist Width

First, the natural waistline of the body is located just above the belly button.

The tape measure is then gently yet firmly wrapped around the circumference of the waist to find the waist size.

How To Measure Cuffs

Beginning at the wrist bone, the tape is run around the circumference of the wrist with a firm, but not tight hold.

How To Measure Sleeve Length

The tape measure is fixed just below the collar at the top of the centre back and laid across the shoulder.

Bending the arm slightly will establish a fit that reflects its natural resting position.

The shirt sleeve measurement is taken at the pinch. This is found where the base of the thumb and base of the index finger meet.

How To Measure Shoulder Width

To find the starting point of the yoke, the tape measure is fixed to where the horizontal part of the shoulder intersects the vertical part of the shoulder.

The measure is then taken up the curve of the shoulder and straight across to the outside edge of the other shoulder.

How To Measure Shirt Length

Beginning at the base of the neck, the tape measure is run vertically down to the preferred length of shirt, which for most people will be at the bottom of the glutes.

Following a full measure with Samuel Emmett, the intricate craft of your custom shirt will begin in Italy, by some of the best shirt makers on the planet with your needs and taste at the heart of each build.


Your one of a kind, perfectly fitting shirt awaits you. To begin the craft of your one of a kind, custom shirt, simply click here and fill out the form to book your experience.