Thirty Years with Robert Emmett: A Quick Catchup on Made-to-Order

It's been thirty years in shirts?

RE: Just this September. Thirty excellent years.

Shirts are what you are famous for, and there is a huge range. But you've been expanding right?

RE: Always, right, always something new. People are changing and fashions change, people are working from home more often now. As we are all becoming more comfortable in our clothing, shall I say less-traditional, accessories such as ties or cufflinks arent as needed for everyone. Our choice once again grows, and as such, so does the offer of possible clothing. We don’t forget the Traditionalists. They are still present and welcome, so their wardrobe needs to be renewed or refreshed. For everyone though, that's where Made-to-Order comes in. We can make almost anything now, totally custom-made however you like it.

Made-to-Order, what makes it so special to the brand?

RE: The beauty is choice, and the variables are simply endless, ready in the shop is certainly an advantage, but the choice is limited due to the space a shop has. Another advantage, especially in today’s world is sustainability, that is to say, you only make what is needed and no more, no waste, a sort of “just in time”, just as you need it philosophy.

What is new, or exciting? There seems to be a lot here to go through.

RE: We've been on a big push for made-to-order denim and knitwear this season for that more casual crowd. As we offered trousers, Jeans seemed a necessary casual brother. As there are now many little mills offering cloth or wool for pullovers the choice is simply huge.

The drawers are filled to the brim with books of swatches. Where does it all come from?

RE: By working in collaboration with different tailoring experts that we have known for many years we can offer their expertise, these individuals that are simply masters in their respective fields can now help us offer this to you. Right now is the perfect time to place those orders. Just in time for Christmas, too.