A Guide To Shirt Fits

As you already know, a well-fitted shirt is an important sartorial staple to every man’s wardrobe. A shirt that fits well will emphasise good parts of the physique, hide problem areas and flatter overall. Then there is also all the practical benefits of having a shirt perfectly in place all day.

Whether it’s a formal shirt or casual, we offer a selection of fits to secure the best shirt for you, both in terms of needs and tastes. You will find all our off the rail shirts come with the option of Classic or Slim Fit. We also offer a made to measure service where a tailor fit shirt is crafted from a personal fitting experience.

Classic Fit

If you are looking for an eternally stylish fit with immeasurable comfort then the Classic Fit is for you... 


Emmett London Classic Shirt

 Our classic fit is instantly recognizable for its timeless shape which harks back to the traditional silhouette of the classic gentleman from generations past. Generously cut in the arms and sleeves, the classic fit shirt provides an extremely comfortable fit. Plenty of movement is provided by the boxy shape and complemented by the addition of back pleats located at the base of the yoke. Slightly longer shirt tails ensure the shirt tucks in easily and stay put. 


Slim Fit

If you want a sleek shirt to complete your modern and polished look then it’s time to look at the Slim Fit….


Emmett London Slim Fit Shirt

 Less fabric is used in the craft of our slim fit shirt to provide a sharp silhouette and flattering fit. 

A slimmer cut throughout the shirt and waist provides a closer fit overall to slim the physique in a relaxed way. High armholes, narrow yoke and tapered waist and sleeves streamline the shape of the body with darts at the waist for a more tailored fit. Further customisation is granted by the option to wear this fit either tucked or untucked courtesy of the level shirt tails front and back.

For further details on the differences between classic and slim fit, check our fit guide.

Tailored Fit

If you are seeking a personalised shirt fit, created especially for you, then you should look to a tailored shirt created by an expert tailor...


Emmett London Tailored Shirt
To get a personalized fit exclusively tailored your body, we offer a made to measure service. Our tailored shirts are the perfect blend of classic and slim fit, tapered to your body but still retaining extra fabric for optimum comfort and movement. Smart but not too tight, the tailored shirt offers a suave custom fit ideal for any occasion, and sure to make you feel your best.

With over 25 years of experience in shirtmaking, we can assure you a comfortable and smart cut shirt whichever fit you opt for. Designed in house and made by some of the finest shirtmakers in Italy with the best fabrics from around the globe, our shirts are timelessly stylish and luxurious enough to last you a lifetime.

Now you have the expert knowledge of shirt fits, why not find which is for you in our formal or casual shirts, or book in for our made to measure service.