Brushed Cotton Shirts For Autumn And Winter

That time of year is upon us where each morning poses a challenge of deciding what to wear. Temperamental is the very nature of the season and so versatile wardrobe staples are a must. Thankfully we have brushed cotton - the adaptable answer to all our sartorial prayers.

Burnt Orange Brushed Cotton Shirt

What Is Brushed Cotton?

Brushed cotton is identifiable by its luxurious and comfortable nature which is extremely soft to the touch. It is essentially woven.

On the whole, one of the final steps in fabric production is to singe away any excess fibres to leave a smooth and pristine finish. However, brushed cotton goes through a different process in which the surplus fibres are instead brushed in order to exaggerate them, and consequently, their silky feel. This then results in a beautifully soft and smooth face side of the shirt which is reminiscent of fine wool.

Why Choose Brushed Cotton Shirts?

The attention to detail regarding the finesse of brushed cotton shirts just adds to both their allure and practicality. Soft to the touch, and with thickness perfect for retaining their shape, brushed cotton shirts are extremely comfortable and bring an extra layer of warmth during the colder months. The fabric has a grand texture like cashmere, yet is entirely cotton so is durable and dependable.

Emmett London: Brushed Cotton Shirts

Brushed cotton shirts are not only versatile by their very nature, but also by the range they are available in. At Emmett London, we appreciate the understated beauty of the brushed cotton shirt and have designed a range of different colours and styles so that every man, in any occasion can find comfort and style in one. From formal shirts to casual shirts for men, there are plenty of brushed cotton shirts to choose from.

We work very closely with a mill on the shores of Como in Northern Italy to create an incredibly soft series of brushed cotton shirts. Our variety of handmade cotton shirts are created with passion, diligence and a true flair for style.

All the feel of cashmere, but with the maintenance of cotton.

For a crisp autumn walk….

Burnt Orange Brushed Cotton Shirt
Burnt Orange Brushed Cotton Shirt

Something a bit different for Autumn, this unique colour is bound to make an impression for all the right reasons and epitomises the season itself. A refreshing change from a standard blue men’s shirt.

For the everyday...

White Brushed Cotton Shirt
White Brushed Cotton Shirt

It is impossible to go wrong with a white shirt, so why not opt for this seasonal spin on a classic. The slight off white hue is more subtle and understated.

For A Day Out…

Heavy White & Blue Stripe Brushed Cotton Shirt
Heavy White & Blue Stripe Brushed Cotton Shirt

Easy to dress up with a suit jacket, or down with jeans and loafers, this triple striped shirt is unique which contrasts with the eggshell cover, exuding warmth.
This shirt is also one of our heaviest shirts for the season, which will provide extra heat.

For The Weekend…

Heavy Yellow Check Brushed Shirt

Heavy Yellow Check Brushed Shirt

A modern twist on the classic flannel shirt, our yellow check is as warm as it looks, made in heavy brushed cotton material.

This is just a small selection of our brand new range of brushed cotton men’s shirt. All designed in London and handmade in Italy to ensure each shirt is made with exquisite attention to detail and is of the highest quality.

See our full range of brushed cotton shirts here for your next shirt to get you through these cold months.