The Right Way To Iron A Formal Shirt

Wearing pressed formal shirts is a sign of a man who is well disciplined and knows what he wants. If you are yet to learn how to iron a formal shirt, then don’t worry as we have all the steps you need to expertly achieve this.


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You will need:
Ironing Board

Formal Shirt Ironing Preparation

If like us, you strive for the best - it is essential to opt for a high-quality iron. Before each use, check to see if it is clean, as any stains will be set into the shirt with the use of a dirty iron.
  1. Fill the ironing chamber with distilled water.
  2. With the ironing board and iron set up, take a moment to check the details on your shirt’s care label as this will act as a fabric guide when choosing a setting on the iron.
  3. Ensure hangers are nearby so you can hang shirts up immediately after.

How To Iron A Formal Shirt

  1. Begin with a moist men's shirt which is damp but not wet.
  2. Undo all the buttons on the shirt, including those on the cuff
  1. Open up the collar onto the ironing board and press the iron from one spot of the underside all the way around to the other side
  2. If any tough wrinkles appear, iron them in a downwards motion to the base of the collar where they will not be as noticeable.
  3. Flip the shirt over and repeat on the other side of the collar.
  1. Lay the cuff out flat and iron the inside before flipping over and repeating on the outside.
  2. Take care not to iron over buttons as this will leave a stain on the shirt.
Shirt Front
  1. It is often the front of formal shirts for men which garners the most attention from other people, so take extra time on this step to ensure it is completely crease-free.
  2. Begin on the side which has buttons and carefully work the point of the iron around the buttons (again taking care not to iron over them)
  3. Then take the iron to the top of the shoulder and work it down across the entirety of the front of the shirt.
  4. Repeat this on the other side of the shirt.
Placket - If your shirt has a placket then unfold it and carefully press the material underneath. Then pull the placket back and iron once more over the top.

Shirt Back
  1. Lay the dress shirt flat on the ironing board, beginning on the inside of the shirt
  2. Flip over and repeat this on the outside of the shirt
  3. To master the pleats you may find on the back of the shirt, reposition the shirt several times until you find the optimum position for you to comfortably iron the pleats.
Shirt Yoke
  1. Smooth out the top of the back and shoulder section across the ironing board.
  2. Begin at one and side and work iron across to the middle
  3. Turn shirt on ironing board and repeat this step so both sides of the yoke are pressed.
  1. Lay the seam of the sleeve flat, using your hand to spread the fabric smoothly out.
  2. Use the tip of the iron to start near the cuff before working the way back to the shoulder.
  3. An additional crease is optional and can be ironed in down the edge of the sleeve depending on personal taste.
  4. Repeat this on the other sleeve
Immediately after finishing, hang the shirt up on a hanger and inspect for any missed areas.

There you will have an expertly ironed shirt, ready to elevate your look and confidence levels. Now you know the correct way to iron a shirt, why not add to your collection and browse Emmett London’s men formal shirts online?