4 Shirt Care Tips For The Travelling Man

Any man who travels will understand the frustration of arriving at a destination with a suitcase of wrinkled clothes. After taking the time to carefully press your formal and casual shirts, they can easily become creased and wrinkled in transit. Although carrying a mini steamer would be ideal, we all know this isn’t always possible due to suitcase space restrictions. Whether the trip is for business, an important event or just for fun, no one wants to turn up looking messy and unkempt.

As for tailoring experts, who often travel, we reveal our top tips to remove wrinkles from a shirt without an iron:

Emmett London Shirt Care For Travelling Man

1. Hang Dress Shirts Up Immediately

As soon as you reach your destination it is incredibly important to hang up your men’s shirts immediately. Even though it can be tempting to head straight out to explore or unwind after hours of travelling, your shirts will need to be hung up as soon as possible. The sooner they are removed from the suitcase, the less time they will have to develop creases. You and your shirts will thank you in the long run when they are removed crease free.

2. Pack Shirts Properly

It is wise to protect all wrinkle prone shirts by packing them in dry cleaning bags. Wrinkles in shirts are caused by the friction of rubbing cloth. By keeping the shirts away from each other and instead in the plastic they will be protected from the friction and unable to wrinkle. Pack your combination of dress and casual shirts in separate dry cleaning bags and then sandwich them in your suitcase.

Another tip to prevent creases in shirts is to expertly fold the shirts. Fold them as usual and then put a tightly wrapped belt in the collar area. This will then expand and ensure the collar keeps its shape, saving you time and stress when you arrive at your destination.

3. Spritz Shirts With Spray

An extremely easy go-to method to protect your men’s shirts is to keep a spray bottle of water close to hand. If a shirt appears creased, simply spray the wrinkled areas with water and put up to hang. The creases will then fall out of the shirt. This will work better in warmer climates however is still a handy tip for anywhere. This is not as effective as ironing but will make a noticeable difference removing the majority of creases.

4. Hang Shirt In Bathroom

Another men’s shirt care tip for on the go is to utilise your shower. This is a great way for removing creases from a shirt without an iron. Ensure the shower rail is clean so there is not a chance for stains to transfer on to the shirt. Put the shower on the hottest setting and close the door. Leave for ten minutes to allow the room to fill up with steam. When you return you should find a wrinkle-free shirt that has been steamed. For deeper wrinkles, you may have to leave the shirt for a longer amount of time. It can also be beneficial to manually straighten the shirt with your hands after to fully remove any creases.

Now you never have to be caught short with a wrinkled shirt whilst travelling, allowing you to fulfil your true potential without creases holding you back. At Emmett London, we sell a variety of formal shirts and casual shirts for men, for any occasion. Browse our full range here.