Tying The Perfect Half Windsor Knot

Versatility is the very nature of the Half Windsor knot. Despite what its name suggests the Half Windsor is approximately three-quarters of the size of the Windsor knot. Find out how to tie a full Windsor knot here.

Tying The Perfect Half Windsor Knot


The Half Windsor tie knot is recognisable due to its defined dimple which sits directly below the knot itself.

The Half Windsor is popular with most as the process of tying it is relatively simple. It also works with any formal men’s shirt. This is often regarded as the tie knot worthy of being learnt above all others due to its simple nature.

Our steps are here to help you ensure you tie the perfect Half Windsor knot every time. Perfect for any man who finds himself wondering how to tie a tie, or those looking to hone in on their tie knotting skills.

How To Tie A Half Windsor Knot

  1. Begin with the tie around your neck, with the wide end on your right and the skinny end on your left. The skinnier end should be resting slightly above your belly button, and only the wide end will be active during the process.
  2. Cross the wide end over the small end to the left, then under and to the right.
  3. Pull the wide end through the gap between the collar and necktie, then wrap over the narrow end of the tie.
  4. Again, pull the wide end through the gap between collar and tie.
  5. Pay special attention in order to avoid pulling too tight as you will want to allow for a loop on top of the knot which you will then pull the wide through.
  6. Finally, pull tight and make sure the tie knot sits centre in between the collar. 

The Half Windsor knot is a stylish go-to knot with which you will be troubled to find an occasion where it is out of place. Its adaptability makes it ideal for any tie. Check out the range of luxury hand made ties from Emmett London, ideal for crafting into the perfect Half Windsor tie knot.