Which Tie Knot For Which Occasion

There are no rigid rules set in stone when regarding which tie knot for which occasion. However, certain tie knots are more suitable for certain events. Having the tie knot you feel best in really can make your outfit, and encourage your confidence. This, in turn, can help bring about a successful and enjoyable day.

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Are a guest looking for a wedding tie knot, or an interviewee searching for the best tie knot for a job interview? As expert tailors, we have plenty of experience in pairing different tie knots with the men’s formal shirts. Follow our advice and you will be sure to always look suave and sharp no matter what the event.

When To Wear A Windsor Tie Knot

The Windsor knot is often regarder the most formal of tie knots. It is strong, symmetrical and can’t help but bring an air of authority to the wearer. It is often referred to as a Full Windsor knot to differentiate it from the Half Windsor Knot.

The Full Windsor tie knot is large in both form and personality with its size increasing the comfort of the tie knot. It is significantly firmer than other tie knots, which means it will stay in place for longer.

This is the go-to formal tie knot. You should consider wearing this to formal events, and occasions where sophistication and confidence are key.

Find out how to tie a Windsor knot here.

When To Wear A Four In Hand Tie Knot

The Four In Hand knot is relatively informal and considered a simple tie knot to achieve. Many men consider the Four In Hand knot as their go-to knot. It is casual, easy to create and suits all ties and collars. You can rely on the Four In The Hand for (almost) any occasion and situation.

Wear the Four In Hand tie knot for social events, casual gathering and any semi-formal events.

When To Wear A Half Windsor Tie Knot

The Half Windsor knot is the perfect in-between tie of the three. Being a relative of the Windsor it has prestige and quality, whilst also creating a casual and laid back essence. As a friendly medium between the two styles, it is incredibly popular amongst men.

The Half Windsor knot is very versatile and can be worn nearly everywhere, from boardroom and events to office and gatherings.

Find out how to tie a Half Windsor knot here.

Now you know which tie knot to wear for which occasions all you need is the perfect tie. Explore Emmett London’s full range of luxury ties here.