How To Prevent Your Tie Slipping

Do you often find yourself falling victim to the ever slipping tie despite your best efforts to keep it in place? 

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The mystery of the self-loosening tie may be more common than you first think. A neat and tidy tie is man’s great tool to create a streamlined and well-respected look for himself. It comes as no surprise that in all situations, from workplace to weddings, a gentleman with a polished and well put together look will tend to be met with more respect. 


Whether you are wearing your tie for long periods with its stability having little success, or do certain tie knots not work out for you? Follow our expert shirt maker advice to help fix the issue. 

Tie Material

Firstly, have you checked the material of the tie? A silk tie, by nature, will be more slippery. It will take more attention to tie originally as its lack of friction makes it more likely to slip. 

Type Of Tie Knot

Although it may seem an option to fix your tie knot at regular intervals throughout the day, this is only a short term solution. To fix the initial problem it is worth looking at the type of tie knot you are using.  As most men are aware, tying a tie is an art form that can take years to perfect. Plenty of practice is often needed. If your tie knot keeps slipping it is worth reevaluating your technique. If the Windsor is your desired look, be sure to read our guide which will help you understand how to tie a Windsor knot

Correct Way To Tie A Tie Knot

Are you making sure you are keeping everything tight throughout the process of tying a tie knot? It is a common and very simple make which many tie wearers often find themselves in the habit of. 

Often men only concentrate on holding the tie tight at the end of the process. In reality, it is integral to hold the tie taught throughout. Although this is only a small minor change to how the majority of men tie their tie knot, it can help for both the appearance and comfort of the tie. 


Another step that can prove beneficial to help keep a tie knot in place is to keep the top of the tie straight. In the morning when putting on your tie, we recommend taking extra care with the top edge of the tie knot. Just before pulling up to your neck, first make sure the edge of the tie knot is horizontal. It may naturally be sat at an angle. By fixing this as soon as you put tie on, it will be far less likely to slip all day. In turn, this will give you a polished look and help increase your confidence in your appearance.


There is also the option to look to the aid of a tie clip to help you keep your tie in place if you are struggling to achieve your desired look.  Having a tidy tie is integral to helping you look your best, and, consequently, be treated the way you deserve by others. 


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