Why Do We Wear Ties?

Throughout time ties have had connotations of power and status. As the pinnacle of professional and suave dress wear, they are a staple in any man's wardrobe. Why are sharp and ambitious men drawn to wearing ties, and when did this begin?

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History Of The Tie

Ancient Chinese warriors are the first known wearers of scarves. A discovery of 2000-year-old terracotta statues shows the warriors wearing silk around their necks. This shows that even back then, ties were a sign of power and to show identity.

Ties then gained popularity in the 17th century courtesy of King Louis XIII. During the 30 year war, Croatian mercenaries fought alongside the King in battle. To keep their jackets tied they used a piece of cloth which King Louis XIII took a strong liking to. He made this smart scarf a mandatory accessory for royal gatherings. Paying homage to the Croats who introduced this scarf to him, he named it ‘La Cravate’, which is still the French name for the necktie today. Cravats were fast to catch on in Paris. Seen as fashionable and a power symbol, many French men were quick to sport one.

Over the ages, the cravat has evolved into the modern necktie we wear today. Since their origins in military regiments, they have been a symbol of power and respect. Throughout the 19th century, they swept through Britain. They were found in most universities, schools, sports clubs and gentlemen clubs. Ties were (and remain) a clear symbol of privilege and exclusivity.

Types Of Tie

The original purpose of ties has disappeared over time. Yet, they still own a decorative purpose which makes a statement. They are a symbol of a well dressed and confident man.
The invention of different tie knots over the centuries each make a statement about the wearer's attention to detail. Such as the full Windsor knot, which is the favourite of most presidents. Find out more about the full Windsor knot here. Businessmen usually opt for the four-in-hand whilst the half Windsor knot is for more casual affairs.
The tie has become synonymous with professionalism and ambition. You can see this both in the boardroom and informal occasions which call for men to look their best. To us, that is what wearing a tie is - looking and feeling your best. When wearing a tie, one feels their outfit is now complete and from that so is the mind, allowing you to have command of a room and be confident.

Ties have evolved to let every man express himself. There are an array of different styles as well as colours and textures meaning that every tie worn is an occasion to express who you are. At Emmett London, we cherish the importance a tie has on one’s outlook that day. All our luxury ties are handmade and span various styles. We make each tie to complete your look and inspire your confidence. Find the perfect Emmett London tie for you here.