Tying The Perfect Four-In-Hand Knot

Are you looking for a simple and subtle tie knot which is suitable for any occasion whilst still possessing the essence of classic menswear style? The Four-In-Hand tie knot could be for you...

Tying The Perfect Four-In-Hand Knot

The History Of The Four-In-Hand Knot

Named after a 19th century Gentleman’s Club of the same name, where the members wore the neckwear making it fashionable. Others say its name derives from the four-horse carriage as the tie knot resembles the knot used on the reigns by the driver in order to keep his four horses in hand.

Its popularity is well deserved due to its simplicity and versatility. Its ease of use places it in favour of those looking for a go-to quick tie knot, and also those who are new to tie-wearing and looking for easy methods.
It is easy to tie, alongside being self-releasing. Its is characterised by its moderately sized knot size and its mildly asymmetric structure.

Whether it’s the first tie knot you are beginning to learn, or to brush up on an old favourite style, here’s how to tie a Four-In-Hand.

How To Tie A Four-In-Hand Knot

  1. Begin with the wide end of your tie on the right, and the small end on the left. The small end should be resting on your torso and throughout the process, you should only move the wide end.
  2. Cross the wide end across the small end and towards the left.
  3. Then pull the wide end under the small end and to the right.
  4. Again, pull the small end across the front and to the left.
  5. Pull the wind end up and through the neck loop from underneath.
  6. Then pull the wide end downwards throughout the loop that has been created in the front,
  7. Pull on the wide end in order to tighten the knot.
  8. Slide the knot up and adjust according to personal taste and comfort.
The Four-In-Hand knot is convenient and fast to prepare, as well as being discreet. It is suitable for all occasions and its versatility is perfect for any type of tie. We recommend wearing this tie knot with a standard button-down men’s dress shirt, however, there is little this tie will not suit. If you are looking for more advanced or elaborate tie knots, why not read our guides to Tying The Perfect Windsor Knot and Tying The Perfect Half Windsor Knot?

As the Four-In-Hand tie knot works well on all ties and can be made more elaborate or more subtle simply down to the choice of pattern. Browse the full range of Emmett London handmade men's ties to discover a new look today.